Highway Page Updates — 2012

December 15:

November 25:

November 20:

November 3: I've done some rearranging of the exit lists by giving each list its own page, splitting up several pages that had multiple lists on the same page. All internal links on the highway and exit listings have been updated, while some of the old pages that had multiple lists are now placeholder pages with links to the new pages.

October 21: More exit list updates:

October 15:

September 30: I have caught up with my photo backlog and migrated all remaining galleries of photos that I have taken to Flickr, which now has over 1,300 photos.

August 26:

July 31:

June 27: Updates from the new five-year plan that was approved by the Iowa Transportation Commission on June 12:

June 10:

April 29:

March 25:

March 4:

January 29:

January 1:

Past updates:

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