Highway Page Updates — 2005 (July-December)

December 28:

December 21: Lots of updates based on recent research findings:

December 11:

December 7:

December 4:

December 1:

November 20:

November 17: Several readers have pointed out that US 34 opened around Danville and Middletown on Tuesday. There is still a one-mile gap northwest of Danville that isn't likely to open until the spring of 2006. I also updated the US 34 exit list after Mark Odor gave me information on the two new interchanges.

November 13:

November 1:

October 16:

October 9:

September 30:

September 18:

September 12: Mark Odor reported that Business US 218 in Mount Pleasant (but not Business US 34) is now signed at US 218 exit 42B. Signage of both business routes along the roads themselves is still sparse at this point.

August 31: Another four-lane road has opened in southeast Iowa: Brian McMillin mentioned that a four-lane segment of US 34 was scheduled to open yesterday, per Monday's Ottumwa Courier.

August 28:

August 17:

August 7:

July 24:

July 17:

July 9:

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