Highway Page Updates - 2001

December 23: Updates to Freeway Junctions:

December 19:

December 14:

December 8: Neil Bratney answers my call for Sioux City photos: he sent me ten photos from a recent road trip there, and they're on a new third Sioux City photo page.

December 2:

November 21: Another expressway segment -- US 151 between IA 1 and Anamosa -- opened to traffic Monday.

November 19:

November 12: Many new additions to the Photo Gallery, particularly the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Des Moines, Avenue of the Saints, and central Iowa Odds 'n' Ends pages. I replaced many photos on the first three pages with newer ones to show how IA 27 is signed, but in a few cases I kept the old ones for comparison purposes. I also added more photos of I-35/IA 5 and Mount Pleasant bypass construction.

November 10:

November 1: Two more bypass projects have been delayed due to changes in alignment and/or design: US 30 around Mount Vernon and Lisbon, and US 34 around Fairfield. (Contrary to news reports, IaDOT stated on October 26 that the endangered crawfish frog did not play a role in the Fairfield bypass' delay.)

October 22: A few updates to the route listings:

October 20: I added some new photos to the Mason City/Clear Lake, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, central Iowa Odds 'n' Ends, and north Avenue of the Saints pages from September road trips. These include the Iowa Highways Page's first photos of IA 27. I also contributed a couple of photos to Dale Sanderson's US highway endings page, and the least I could do is link to his site (and Adam Froehlig's US highway endings page) from the main Photo Gallery page.

October 15: J X noted in an e-mail that I missed a city on US 52 -- Calmar. It's there now.

September 30: I changed the e-mail address on all pages; e-mail should now be sent to j.hancock@mchsi.com.

September 16: Updates to Freeway Junctions:

September 15: I put a special message on the title page about the terrorist attacks of September 11.

September 8: I finally caught up on my backlog of photos and posted some new ones to the Photo Gallery.

August 31:

August 24:

August 8: A new four-lane segment of US 61 opened between Fort Madison and US 218 near Montrose on August 1; that listing has been updated.

July 29: Kurt Berge e-mailed me with a couple of corrections recently:

July 23: I fixed the IA 40 listing to note that it was created from part of IA 14 in the 1920s.

July 20: The Matthew Salek Highway has moved to a new server, so I updated all of my links to his pages.

July 15:

June 29: Changes to Freeway Junctions:

Also, at Iowa Highways, I added links to the IA 5 and IA 92 listings to reflect the new exit list and added a note on the title page that NBCi.com is going to shut down on July 15, so if you're a webmaster who is still linking to the old site addresses, please update your links now!

June 19: I made some long-overdue updates to the Photo Gallery, including a move of all of the individual photo pages from NBCi.com to Tripod. I also added many new photos from the first half of 2001 and updated captions on almost all of the pages. More Des Moines photos are coming soon.

June 17:

June 6: Changes to the route listings:

May 27: At Iowa Highways, I fixed the spelling of the name of the city which used to be the southern terminus of IA 139 -- Protivin. I also added info about the history of IA 57 and IA 58 from an e-mail that I received from Dennis Swanson.

May 14: I updated more highway designation and completion dates after doing some more research this weekend. This includes the addition of the short-lived first version of IA 271.

May 8: The US 61 bypass of Blue Grass opened last week to complete a four-lane link between Muscatine and Davenport.

May 1: Well, here it is. The new URL of the Iowa Highways Page has been announced and most of my pages have moved to new servers at North Liberty-based Internet Navigator. I am going to keep the individual Photo Gallery pages at NBCi.com for the time being due to this server's 15 MB limit. The redirects at the old site will remain until NBC pulls the plug -- in the meantime, please update your links! http://iowahighways.cjb.net

The Iowa Highways Page index is now the main page of Jason's Pad on the Web. The highway listings, county roads, scenic routes, and links pages are now located in the /highways/ directory. Freeway Junctions of the Heartland is still in /exits/ and the Photo Gallery title page is in /photos/; my personal page is now in the /jason/ directory. Consequently, http://iowahighways.cjb.net/exits/ can be used to access Freeway Junctions of the Heartland. None of the individual file names have changed.

Other site updates:

April 14: I put the announcement on the title page that all of these pages will be moving to a new server, hopefully by the end of the month.

April 9: After finding some 1931 and 1932 highway maps this weekend, I updated several designation dates for many highways, particularly those between 158 and 249. I also added some short-lived alignments that were never listed before, including IA 130 (II) (replaced by US 30; the second of four different IA 130's), IA 181 (I) (replaced by IA 22), IA 187 (I), and IA 190 (I) (both replaced by IA 33, now IA 60).

March 28: I fixed the locations of the northern termini of IA 282 and IA 297 after noticing that they were not at the US 20 freeway as I had previously thought.

March 18: At Iowa Highways, I updated the Scenic & Historic Routes page to show which routes the new Allamakee County Scenic Byway follows. I also fixed a few broken links on the Links page, the Freeway Junctions title page, and individual exit lists.

February 25:

February 17:

January 27: I fixed a typo on the Freeway Junctions title page (IA 141's list begins at IA 144, not IA 141), and corrected a couple of outside links as well.

January 24: I fixed the link to Robert Droz' US highways page from the links page after it was moved again.

January 16: The third segment of the IA 5 bypass opened on Friday, January 12, and I made it out to the Des Moines area last Sunday to check it out. The IA 5 route listing and exit list have been updated. Other noteworthy items:

January 7: It took a little longer than I thought, but the new and (hopefully) improved route listings have been uploaded to coincide with the Iowa Highways Page's third anniversary. Among the features:

Most of the same tidbits that have been here for the past three years are still around, albeit in a slightly different format. The route listing tables should be viewable with both Netscape and Internet Explorer with only marginal differences, since I tested them in Netscape 4.7 and IE 4.0. Please e-mail me if you run into any problems.

Meanwhile, a couple of news items to report: The IA 5 freeway segment to the south of Des Moines was scheduled to open in December, but heavy snowfall after heavy snowfall delayed the opening. IaDOT is going to try to open the road in mid-January -- weather permitting, of course. Meanwhile, on December 27, IaDOT announced that it wants to turn over more than 800 miles of state-maintained highways to local jurisdictions in what could be the biggest mass decommissioning since 1980. (State law, however, prohibits them from willingly turning over the roads; they have to reach a deal with the county or city where the state pays for improving the roads to a reasonable service level.) Their complete list is here.

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