Highway Page Updates - 2002 (January-June)

June 29: With a lot of help from Jeff Morrison (who is helping me proofread these pages), some other e-mails from readers, and research from a trip to the State Historical Society of Iowa last week, I have begun a major cleanup of the route listings. I have uploaded newly-revised Interstate and US highway pages that include more alignment changes that we have spotted through maps (within the criteria that I have set on the About page) and fixed some errors in listings that I have overlooked in the past. Most of the Interstate and US highways now have their own pages; see the title page for links. I have added tables of all Interstate and US highways at the top of each respective page for navigational purposes.

I plan to do the same things with all of the state highway listings, and I hope to have this done by the end of next week. During this time there will be some broken links here and there; I will try to fix them whenever I have time.

June 7:

June 1:

May 27: New terminus photo links: IA 102, 146, 276 (I also made a minor update to that listing), 327, and 921. I also added a link to Jeff Morrison's commentary on Business US 30 in Marshalltown from the US 30 listing.

May 25:

May 20:

May 15:

May 11: A cold and rainy day meant more time for me to update this page.

May 8: Many new terminus photo links: IA 2, southern 15, 38, 48, 79, 85, former 118, 144, 145, former 154, 161, 184, 187, 198, 239, 294, 333, former 347, 922, and 939.

April 27: Jeff Morrison pointed out that US 30 was straightened in Tama and Benton counties after 1934, so I updated that listing as well as IA 212 and IA 131. He also posted the IA 212 terminus photos that I sent him, and I added the link. I also updated the IA 160 listing after finding out the years that the highway was extended and straightened.

April 21: I added six new Mount Pleasant-area photos, two photos of Donnellson bypass construction, and an updated photo of the US 218/IA 27 and IA 78 intersection to the Photo Gallery's Avenue of the Saints section. In order to save downloading time, I split the Avenue of the Saints into five separate pages (with roughly 15 photos on each page) and recropped a few photos so there isn't as much sky or other unnecessary space in them. I also added links to each individual page from the Photo Gallery's main page.

April 19:

April 8: At Freeway Junctions, I added a link to Richie Kennedy's new I-35 in Missouri exit list from my I-35 list and fixed some other broken links as well.

April 7: Updates, updates, updates!

March 30: A few more corrections:

March 22:

March 15: Jeff Morrison got access to some pre-World War II road maps and sent some corrections my way:

March 9:

March 8:

February 27: Good news and bad news for US 20 in Hardin and Grundy counties. Good news: the dispute between the state and Grundy County over old US 20 has been settled, and contracts for paving of the new freeway segment have been awarded. Bad news: the segment is now scheduled to open in late 2003, one year later than previously projected. (Coverage: today's Des Moines Register)

February 25: I added terminus photo links to these listings: IA 25, 28, 82, 94, 100, old 101, 199, 200, 201, 279, 283, 287, 363, 920, and 945. I also updated the IA 923 listing to note that another former US 218 segment near Ainsworth is also part of the route.

February 23:

February 20: I updated the terminus photo links for IA 163 and added new links for IA 207, 242, 244, 370, 385, 925, 978, and 988.

February 9:

January 27: AARoads' Interstate Terminus Gallery has been taken offline for site restructuring. I removed the links, but I will put them back up when the site returns.

January 22: A couple more corrections:

January 18: I updated a few links on the main Links page and the About page, most notably the links to the misc.transport.road FAQ.

January 15: More research from Jeff Morrison:

January 11: The new US 20 freeway segment in Grundy County may have hit a snag -- unless the county agrees to take the old US 20 segment from IA 14 eastward through Dike, the state won't proceed with paving the freeway segment. This column by John Carlson in today's Des Moines Register has more details on this situation. (Thanks to Jeff Morrison for the heads-up and the article link.)

January 6: Updates to the Photo Gallery:

Past updates:

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