Highway Page Updates - 2003 (July-December)

December 22:

December 14:

November 30:

November 27: Two updates on four-lane projects: the aforementioned US 151 expressway segment is three miles long and opened on October 14, according to The Gazette of Cedar Rapids. Also, according to Jay Lehmann, the Avenue of the Saints (US 218/IA 27) segment that was dedicated on November 14 opened about four days after the ceremony.

November 19:

November 8:

October 26:

October 11:

September 28:

September 14:

September 7:

September 5:

September 1:

August 24:

August 22:

August 18:

August 12:

August 3:

July 30:

July 27:

July 23: More new county road numbers to report:

July 20:

July 16:

July 12:

July 10:

July 7: Updates from Jeff Morrison's road trip through Pottawattamie and Mills counties yesterday:

July 6:

July 3: I uploaded revised US highway listings (plus I-29 and I-80), adding or updating some historical data plus noting the recent changes to US 6 and US 275. The 900s page will be updated after the July 4 holiday.

July 2:

July 1: In a way, a new era has begun at the Iowa Highways Page. With the decommissioning of 700 miles of state highways effective today, plus some additional historic findings that Jeff Morrison and I have found recently, I have begun a cleanup of the route listings.

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