Highway Page Updates - 2000

December 16: I added a link to the Iowa Winter Road Conditions page from the title page, which I decided to add in the wake of all the snow that we've had lately. OK, updates have been a little slow lately, but that won't be the case much longer. I have a few more photos to add to the photo gallery, and I am planning to make some changes to the route listings. Those changes include a new look for the listings and listing each incarnation of a route number as separate entries. I hope to have the new pages up by the end of the year.

November 29: I updated the IA 12 listing after receiving an e-mail from Kurt Berge stating that IA 12 is no longer signed along I-29 and Business US 20 in Sioux City.

November 26: Another new expressway segment has opened: US 61 in Muscatine County. That listing has been updated.

November 18: As promised, I updated the US 20 exit list to reflect the newly-opened freeway segment. I also made a couple of minor changes to the US 218 in Waterloo exit list.

November 15: The US 20 freeway segment between IA 14 and the Grundy/Black Hawk county line opened today, as reported by the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier on November 1 (covering a ribbon-cutting ceremony that was held in Dike on November 3, two weeks before the highway was to open). I will update the exit list this weekend after I visit the area to record the exit signage data.

October 24: I cleaned up a few things on the IA 100 route listing, removing the broken iowa100.com link and adding a recent news tidbit that could impact the highway's future.

October 20: Plenty of updates, with some news to report:

October 15: I fixed the link to Robert Droz' US Highways Page from the Iowa Highways title page after he moved the site.

October 13: A new expressway segment opened west of Knoxville today, according to an article in the Des Moines Register; I updated the IA 5 and IA 92 listings to reflect this.

September 30: At Iowa Highways, I updated the US 18 listing to reflect a new expressway segment as the four-lane connection between I-35 and Charles City moves closer to completion, and I updated the US 218 listing to indicate that part of the Charles City bypass is an expressway.

Also, at Freeway Junctions, I:

September 26: Updates to the Photo Gallery:

September 15: At Iowa Highways, I updated the US 34 route listing after Darren Burch alerted me that the New London bypass is now open to four lanes.

September 3: I was on the road again yesterday and have some updates:

August 22: Another error fix: on the Cedar Rapids page of the Photo Gallery, I accidentally had a couple of "Streets" and "Avenues" in the wrong places.

August 15: Plenty of updates:

August 9: Another Iowa Highways update: after finding out that US 52 had a different alignment through Dubuque County in the 1960s, I updated that highway's entry.

August 7: At Iowa Highways, I noted that the former two-lane US 20 freeway became a four-lane freeway in mid-July after receiving an e-mail from Darren Burch.

August 5: At Iowa Highways, I:

July 15:

July 12: At Iowa Highways, I added four new scenic byways to the Scenic and Historic Routes page after they were designated by IaDOT on July 11. I also noted that the Great River Road and Loess Hills Scenic Byway were named National Scenic Byways on June 15 (according to this press release).

July 9: At Freeway Junctions, I:

June 25: At Iowa Highways, I added a note to the IA 94 entry explaining how its southern terminus is on a different street than its southern origin.

June 10: A major change to the Photo Gallery: I moved each page and its corresponding photos to its own directory, making some minor changes to each page in the process. While at it I added two new photos apiece to the Dubuque and Waterloo/Cedar Falls pages.

June 2: At Iowa Highways, I:

May 30: At Iowa Highways, I added a link to "Discovering the 6", an in-progress cross-country travelogue of US 6, under that highway's entry.

May 21:

May 19: After visiting the Cedar Rapids area today and noticing that the last segment of the US 151/IA 13 multiplex expressway had opened to traffic (despite some finishing touches that need to be done), I updated the entries for both highways accordingly and added an "expressway" label to the US 30 exit list.

May 15:

May 12:

May 6: I added 10 new photos that I had taken in March to the Photo Gallery, including one to the Iowa City page, two to the Burlington page, two to the Odds 'n' Ends page from Marengo, and five from Fort Madison and Keokuk.

April 16: At Iowa Highways, I updated some information on I-35, US 18, US 20, US 169, and IA 122 after receiving an e-mail from Mark Hasty. This includes the addition of a second I-35 business loop in Clear Lake. I also updated a few captions in the second Odds 'n' Ends photo page.

April 6: At Iowa Highways, I updated a few new freeway and expressway segment completion dates for US 20, US 30, US 34, US 151, US 218, and IA 13 after seeing an article from the April 1 Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Gazette on scheduled road work projects in eastern Iowa.

March 24:

March 18: At the Photo Gallery, I made some minor corrections to the captions of the Avenue of the Saints page.

March 13: At Iowa Highways, I updated entries for IA 76, US 18, and IA 340 after discovering that IA 76 was extended through Marquette and McGregor upon the completion of the US 18 bypass in 1991.

March 12:

March 6: At Freeway Junctions, I fixed a couple of things on the US 61 exit list near Maquoketa.

March 5:

February 22:

February 12: Added a photo of IA 965 at I-80 to the Iowa City page of the Photo Gallery. It has been in the directory for several months, but I forgot to include on the page until now.

January 31:

January 22: Several changes to Iowa Highways, including:

January 11: Updated several route listings to reflect changes in completion dates under IaDOT's new 2000-2004 five-year plan.

January 4: Updated the I-74 exit list to reflect some new supplementary signage in Moline.

January 2: Added some new photos to the Dubuque and the Odds and Ends pages of the Photo Gallery.

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