Highway Page Updates — 2007 (January-June)

June 22:

June 10: The exit ramp to I-235 east from I-35/80 eastbound at Exit 137 has reopened. (I also listed that interchange as Exit 138 for some reason; this has been corrected.)

May 28:

May 20:

May 6: According to a recent blog entry on AARoads.com, I-129 shields were replaced by text during the late 1990s because drivers were confusing I-129 with I-29. I updated the listing and first Sioux City photo gallery caption to reflect this.

April 29:

April 15:

March 25:

March 4:

February 25:

February 21: Even more research findings from Jeff Morrison:

February 8: More research findings from Jeff Morrison:

January 28:

January 15: I added entrance/terminus photo links for I-80N, I-280, I-680, and US 32.

January 3:

Past updates:

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