Highway Page Updates — 2006 (July-December)

December 31: I updated the US 20 west, US 218 in Waterloo, Avenue of the Saints north, and I-380 exit lists to reflect sign changes spotted on a recent trip. US 218 in Waterloo now has exit numbers that are posted only on gore signs and some secondary signs for now.

December 23:

December 19:

December 3:

November 26:

November 19:

November 12:

November 5: More research of Highway Commission meeting notes from Jeff Morrison:

October 29:

October 17:

October 8:

September 27:

September 22:

September 10:

September 4:

August 22:

August 16:

August 9: I updated the I-235 and the I-35 south exit lists to reflect recent ramp closings and openings.

July 30: Photo Gallery updates:

July 26:

July 16:

July 12:

July 4:

Past updates:

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