Highway Page Updates -- 2002 (July-December)

December 28:

December 21:

December 15:

December 8:

November 24:

November 22: A day off from work = a big day for updates.

November 14: With the opening of a 20-mile expressway segment today, the US 65/IA 330 four-lane diagonal link between Marshalltown and Des Moines has been completed. In addition, the Iowa Road Work Report notes that the last piece of the US 63 New Hampton bypass has been completed.

November 9:

November 3:

October 27: I added a link to Neil Bratney's Exit Lists of the Missouri Valley from the Freeway Junctions title page and the I-29, I-80, and I-480 route listings. I also changed the I-80 west links from the I-35 and I-235 exit lists to point to his site.

October 20: It turns out a few "spur" highways -- namely, IA 197, 240, 314, 315 and 359 -- don't continue from their endpoints as county roads as I had previously thought. Those listings were updated.

October 16:

October 11:

October 1: Moving day has arrived! Today the highway and exit listings were moved to Mediacom Online, so if you're still linking to the old site, don't forget to update your bookmarks and links to http://iowahighways.home.mchsi.com/. (I'm not sure how long the redirects at the old site are going to last.)

September 24: A few corrections to the route listings:

September 21:

September 19: The Dubuque Telegraph Herald reported Saturday that the IA 32 extension opened to traffic last Friday.

September 15:

September 12: Dennis Swanson reports that part of the US 63 bypass of New Hampton has opened; the rest will open later this fall. Meanwhile, the US 151 bypass of Cascade also opened yesterday.

September 5:

August 29:

August 10:

August 4:

July 29:

July 25:

July 24:

July 16: I uploaded the rest of the new route listings and updated the links from all pages in the /highways/ directory today. (The links to the new listings are on the title page.) After another trip to the State Historical Society, I also updated designation, decommissioning, and alignment change years to various other listings where I previously had listed date ranges (decades or parts of decades). Hopefully the new listing pages are more accurate and informative than the old ones, but I (and the readers of this site) am always finding new things about the history of Iowa's roads.

July 14: A new scenic byway in Delaware County -- the Delaware Crossing Scenic Byway -- was profiled in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on Friday and dedicated today. That has been added to the Scenic and Historic Routes page, while I also updated the links on that page to point to the new route listings. While in the area yesterday I also found that IA 116 (I) did not become County Road X21 after it was decommissioned; that listing was updated.

July 12:

July 7:

July 6:

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